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    Frequently Asked Question!

    Organic fertilizers are fertilizers derived from animal matter, animal excreta and vegetable matter (e.g. compost and crop residues). Naturally occurring organic fertilizers include animal wastes from meat processing, coco peat, manure and slurry.  

    The major benefit of organic fertilizers is that they work slowly. They need to be broken down by soil organisms in order for their nutrients to be released and that takes time. Because they work slowly, nothing is wasted. They are consumed as they are released, unlike chemical fertilizers, which are released immediately into the soil.

    Organic fertilizers contain organic material; they improve the soil’s structure or its “workability.” Soil that’s been fertilized with organic matter is easier to work and allows more air to get to plant roots. The organic material also permits soil to hold water longer. Finally, the addition of organic substances used in fertilizer increases the bacterial and fungal activity in the soil. Overall, organic garden fertilizer not only helps your plants, it improves your soil.

    Composting is a managed process which utilizes microorganisms naturally present in organic matter and soil to decompose organic material. These microorganisms require basic nutrients, oxygen and water in order for decomposition to occur at an accelerated pace. The end-product, compost, is a dark brown, humus-like material which can be easily and safely handled, stored and applied to land as a valuable soil conditioner. The composting process is dependent upon several factors, including: the population of microorganisms, carbon nitrogen ratio, oxygen level, temperature, moisture, surface area and pH. These factors, which are described below, are dependent upon one another and understanding them is important for managing a successful composting operation.

    Potting soil, also known as potting mix or potting compost, is a medium in which to grow plants, herbs and vegetables in a pot or other durable container

    AGRICOMPOST Supply Native Potting Soil with Super Root Booster and Moisture-Retaining Coir

    Give your plants the edge with this versatile potting Soil that’s ideal for all types of planters, from hanging baskets to large pots. A blend of Organic Compost and moisture-retaining coir reduces drought stress and helps plants stay hydrated. Weed-free and pH-balanced.

    Our Super Root Booster® Technology creates the living soil mix that plants need to thrive. The secret? Mycorrhizae, amazing microbes that form a partnership with roots to support vigorous and resilient plant growth.

    Super Fungal Tea® Technology

    • Promotes strong roots
    • Boosts nutrient and water uptake
    • Enhances plants’ resilience to stress
    • Improves drought tolerance
    • Improve soil living fungal and bacteria to grow colonial hood in potting mix 
    • Bioactive mix is teeming with beneficial soil life
    • Specially formulated mix provides optimal growing conditions for container plants

    Start seeds off right with this finely textured blend. Ideal for use in self-watering and regular seed-starting trays, it offers the perfect balance of drainage and wicking action to keep roots moist.

    Our Super Nutrient Tea® Technology creates the living soil mix that seeds need to thrive. The secret? Mycorrhizae, amazing microbes that form a partnership with soil to support vigorous and resilient seeds germination.

    Super Nutrient Tea® Technology

    • Boosts nutrient and water uptake
    • Enhances plants’ resilience to stress
    • Improves drought tolerance
    • Improve Germination Rate  

    The quick, effective way to nourish established plants in pots or in your garden! Liquid fertilizers go to work almost immediately, assuring continued, superlative growth and quick recovery for those that are tired and under-nourished. Our selection lets you find the right, well-balanced plant food — with important minerals, trace elements, enzymes and other important natural components — for your particular needs

    The Fish Amino Acid (FAA) is a liquid made from fish. FAA is of great value to both plants and microorganisms in their growth, because it contains and abundant amount of nutrients and various types of amino acids (will constitute a source of nitrogen (N) for plants). Strengths a plants resistance to disease.

    • Help to improve strong healthy stems, leaves & Shoots.
    • Provide good color to leaves.
    • Help to improve study root growth.

    Humic acids increase the water infiltration and water-holding capacity of the soil. They greatly improve the soil, increase plant root growth and metabolism, enhance seed germination, and help plants deal with environmental stresses. They remove odours in slurry and compost piles, and keep irrigation lines clean.

    Its very simple !

    You just need to purchase the item from Agricompost website, once you finish the purchase click “Cart”, it will require your basic informations. Once you provide, you will get deliverd the fertlizers by our team at your door step !